Creating a Practical E-Commerce Website in 2014

When creating an e commerce website, it always pays to learn the different and necessary tips in web design and search engine optimization. As of today, the web design trends focus mainly on minimalist, functional and flat designs. Although going with the flow of the crowd is a cliché, doing so in this regard will certainly help your business out. Having said that, practicability in e-commerce is a must today, given the monumental rise of new devices, designs and user preferences. Here are ways to do so:

Mobile-friendly and responsive

If you're designing an e commerce website nowadays, be sure that it is compatible with mobile devices and has a responsive design. Why? As of today, the number of smart phone users is nearly two billion and still rising. It may have already overthrown desktop computers as the main Internet access tool. Regardless of your product or service, your website could already be accessed by numerous mobile users. 


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Responsive web design is a type of design that optimizes itself according to the dimensions of the device used to view it, especially ones that are mobile. This creates a smooth-sailing shopping experience to your prospective customers!

More content and information in each page

The backbone of e commerce websites – and all types of websites for that matter – is web content. Having said that, in the case of e-commerce websites, the content are your products, item descriptions, contact numbers and other pieces of information, like your policies. Cramming pieces of content in web pages is a must, but remember, they have to be easily accessible at that. You can easily do so by resorting to quick view options. By doing so, your users won't have to load new pages. Forever scroll-down websites are also recommended; just be sure to put a “back to top” button after doing so!

User interface for fingers

E commerce mobile optimization always comes with user interface optimization. In this case, all of the buttons, text and icons should all be optimized for fingers instead of mouse clicks. Mobile users may only be using a four inch screen to navigate your website. To optimize the icons and buttons, just make sure that they are a bit larger for easy use and navigation. 

Tweak, but don't get overly creative

In e commerce website design, adding a bit of personal flavor will spice things up, but being overly creative isn't a good idea. Play safe and don't deviate from the norms: doing so may result in your website's design to look like jumbled jigsaw pieces. Go for what most users are used to. What may look good for you may not look good to your users.

Lastly, a good navigational system

The importance of an effective navigation system cannot be stressed enough. Aside from your site's content, it is the second most important aspect in practicability. You menu bar options, should be clearly defined and the hierarchy and categorisation of each product should be clear and concise. Also remember to place a search bar, especially if your users are looking for a specific product. 

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