Keeping Yourself Updated: Importance in SEO and Web Design

To keep yourself updated in the world of search marketing, search engine optimisation, regardless if you're running or looking for an SEO Manchester company, is very vital. This matters not only in your content creation campaign, but also in your SEO strategies. Having said that, keeping yourself updated with the latest trends and happenings will certainly pose numerous benefits, regardless if you're based in the UK or in another country. This also plays a role in web design, given that the trends are changing every year and it has greatly changed from what it was a year ago. So, what will happen if you keep yourself up-to-date?

Web design trends

Fresh and constantly changing content

Regardless if you're working on your SEO Manchester, Bradford or London campaign, you need fresh and up-to-date strategies and content. In this paragraph, let's focus on the latter. Let's say that you're running an online marketing blog, specifically for business owners in Manchester. Manchester United, possibly one of the most popular football clubs in the world, is about to face Bayern Munich in the semifinals' 2nd leg of the UEFA Champions League in Germany. It would be important to pattern your content on big events like these – take advantage of it. Who would benefit from this event?

  • Pub and bar owners that are hosting viewing parties for the fans. 
  • Owners of sports apparel, especially those selling Manchester United memorabilia
  • The fans themselves

As of today, MU fans are probably searching for pubs and restaurants hosting these types of parties, so be sure to include these both in your content and SEO strategy, and do so in advance. This also applies to all holidays, like Christmas, Easter, New Year as well as seasons. It would be a great idea to write content relating to spring time. 

Changing your SEO strategies

If you run an SEO Manchester company or if you do it yourself, keeping yourself up-to-date with all the strategies and tactics will reap fruit in the long run. Having said that, SEO is a fluctuating profession – a professional that rode in the ebb and flow of the recent changes are certified experts. There have been numerous changes in the practice in recent years, partly due to the search engines' commitment to provide quality results and get rid of spam. 

Google takes a huge share in the search market and it certainly delivers to its users. Its recent algorithm, the Hummingbird, is a testament to its commitment of bringing better results to searchers. Also included are the Panda and Penguin algorithms. Get rid of your outdated strategies and be sure to make your strategies coincide with the rules they set. Follow the rules, reap results. Simple, right? Also remember that there are petty details that may not mean much, but actually plays a part in SEO. Look them up!

Web design trends

From SEO Manchester, let's deviate to web design. Back in the day, it was epitomized by flashy designs, as well as bright colors and animations. Today, this kind of practice is highly scorned and will certainly drive users away rather than lure them in. Having said that, the current trends today focus on straightforwardness, simplicity and minimalism, so be sure to get rid of the clutter and other unimportant elements!

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