Details in SEO That Matter

SEO That Matter

There are a lot of factors that matter in your search engine optimization or SEO campaign, particularly if the scope affects the SEO UK standpoint. Having said that, even if your web design is functional and easy to use, it would not play much of a factor if it does not incorporate SEO oriented aspects in its designs. It's like having a great product without an advertising medium. So, what are these details that matter in your SEO campaign? Let's take a close look at some of which:

On-site content

Your SEO UK campaign highly depends on your website's content, simply because search engines, particularly Google, pays attention and likes it. Basically, what is good content?

  • Good content meets a demand and supplies what a user came to see or avail. It is concise, direct to the point and informative. It is comparable to the world's law of supply and demand: provide good information and you're going to rank up and succeed. 
  • Written in a clear and readable manner. This is one rule that most webmasters, designers and content writers break. Unless if it's a newspaper site, all of your on-site should be readable and set for the scanners, not the avid readers. Avoid long paragraphs – limit it to less than six lines or sentences. Also be sure to use bulleted lists as well. 
  • Keywords, keywords. Although their factor in determining the success of SEO has been downgraded in recent years, they still play a big part. They tell search engine bots and users what your site is all about. This in turn allows the bots to index your site, while users will have an idea about what your website provides. 

Just remember, a user-oriented quality content is not only good for human users, but also search engines as well. Have a little understanding regarding keyword placement and basic technical writing!

Good links and URL structure

In order to make your SEO UK campaign a success, your website must be linkable and that the URL is structured through category. Having said that, if your website is linkable, then it can be shared through various social networking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (which is a must in any case). In order to achieve this, ensure that your website is open to everyone, even to non-members. Just remember that if your website is only exclusive and accessible to members, it's not going to go far in the long run.

In the case of URL structure, ensure that the category hierarchy is reflected, so as to make it readable to not only the users, but also to search engines. Here are some good and bad examples of URL structure:

1. – this type of URL structure shows good category hierarchy and it clearly defines its landing page. Basically, this allows search engines to bear in mind that the page doesn't talk about muffins in general, but only about glazed muffins.

2. – this is an example of a bad URL structure. Sure, the landing page talks about guns, but what type of guns? The numbers do not exactly define what type of guns are defined. This type of URL is of little value to search engines. 

These factors matter a lot in your SEO UK campaign. Although most of the SEO tasks are with regard to backlinks, on-page content still plays a major role in determining your search engine visibility. 

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