Littlest Details, Widgets and Buttons That Matter in Web Design

The current trends in web design mainly focus on simplicity and functionality, in order to cater well to the visitors and users. Although most of them judge web design as a whole, there are little details that you should not overlook, especially if you are running an e-commerce website. The little details, widgets and buttons can mean the difference between a flop or an epic success, so ensure that these are present, visible and organized correctly on your website:

Search bar

Once you've completed your overall web design, you should not forget placing the search bar right next to the menu bar, or in areas where it is likely to be seen. The importance of this element cannot be stressed enough: regardless if you are running a blog, corporate or an e-commerce website, not having a search bar is a cardinal sin in web design and development. Here are some situations that  make it important:

  • You're in the business of selling sports apparel online. Let's say that your user is looking for a specific item, the away jerseys of Leeds United FC. If a search bar is present, he will just type in the keywords and voila, he is in the subpage containing the image and other important details of the item. He can then focus on making a purchase instead.
  • You run a blog which reaches thousands of hits a day. In order to make your users easily browse your archives, simply put in a search box with an advanced filter option. This will then allow them to check your archived entries.
  • Sometimes, you navigation bar (or menu bar) isn't the navigational system; it's the search bar. 

It is recommended that you put in search bars by search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Remember, this element may not be much, but it certainly promotes functionality and usability!

Social media buttons

Not having social media buttons on your home page, blog entries and other pages is also a cardinal sin in web design. Why? Well, bear in mind that social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are where most of the people online are. Not giving your users an option to share your content is a complete and utter travesty which will certainly make you miss out on a ton of benefits and payoffs:

  • Having social networking buttons allow your users and visitors to share your content, thus providing free advertising (yey!), brand credibility and of course, an inevitable increase in traffic that may pave the way for new purchases and clients.


Imagine a web design without icons and thumbnail images. It'll be like reverting to primitive 90s web design right? The current trends today try to simplify web design as much as possible, although it tries to make the designs as aesthetically pleasing as well. Icons fill this role – having a design that solely relies on text and large images is a death sentence. 

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