Four Common E-Commerce Website Design Mistakes

Ecommerce web design must be done with knowledge of the trends and search engine optimisation tactics in mind. Without sufficient knowledge, mistakes will certainly be made, and it won't bode well to your website and business. No website is perfect, simply because everyone is a critic and flaws will always stand over the positives. The best thing that you can do is to avoid the following website design mistakes to create a functional, usable and user-friendly design:

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Creating a Practical E-Commerce Website in 2014

When creating an e commerce website, it always pays to learn the different and necessary tips in web design and search engine optimization. As of today, the web design trends focus mainly on minimalist, functional and flat designs. Although going with the flow of the crowd is a cliché, doing so in this regard will certainly help your business out. Having said that, practicability in e-commerce is a must today, given the monumental rise of new devices, designs and user preferences. Here are ways to do so:

Mobile-friendly and responsive

If you're designing an e commerce website nowadays, be sure that it is compatible with mobile devices and has a responsive design. Why? As of today, the number of smart phone users is nearly two billion and still rising. It may have already overthrown desktop computers as the main Internet access tool. Regardless of your product or service, your website could already be accessed by numerous mobile users. 


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Keeping Yourself Updated: Importance in SEO and Web Design

To keep yourself updated in the world of search marketing, search engine optimisation, regardless if you're running or looking for an SEO Manchester company, is very vital. This matters not only in your content creation campaign, but also in your SEO strategies. Having said that, keeping yourself updated with the latest trends and happenings will certainly pose numerous benefits, regardless if you're based in the UK or in another country. This also plays a role in web design, given that the trends are changing every year and it has greatly changed from what it was a year ago. So, what will happen if you keep yourself up-to-date?

Web design trends

Fresh and constantly changing content

Regardless if you're working on your SEO Manchester, Bradford or London campaign, you need fresh and up-to-date strategies and content. In this paragraph, let's focus on the latter. Let's say that you're running an online marketing blog, specifically for business owners in Manchester. Manchester United, possibly one of the most popular football clubs in the world, is about to face Bayern Munich in the semifinals' 2nd leg of the UEFA Champions League in Germany. It would be important to pattern your content on big events like these – take advantage of it. Who would benefit from this event?

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Details in SEO That Matter

SEO That Matter

There are a lot of factors that matter in your search engine optimization or SEO campaign, particularly if the scope affects the SEO UK standpoint. Having said that, even if your web design is functional and easy to use, it would not play much of a factor if it does not incorporate SEO oriented aspects in its designs. It's like having a great product without an advertising medium. So, what are these details that matter in your SEO campaign? Let's take a close look at some of which:

On-site content

Your SEO UK campaign highly depends on your website's content, simply because search engines, particularly Google, pays attention and likes it. Basically, what is good content?

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Littlest Details, Widgets and Buttons That Matter in Web Design

The current trends in web design mainly focus on simplicity and functionality, in order to cater well to the visitors and users. Although most of them judge web design as a whole, there are little details that you should not overlook, especially if you are running an e-commerce website. The little details, widgets and buttons can mean the difference between a flop or an epic success, so ensure that these are present, visible and organized correctly on your website:

Search bar

Once you've completed your overall web design, you should not forget placing the search bar right next to the menu bar, or in areas where it is likely to be seen. The importance of this element cannot be stressed enough: regardless if you are running a blog, corporate or an e-commerce website, not having a search bar is a cardinal sin in web design and development. Here are some situations that  make it important:

  • You're in the business of selling sports apparel online. Let's say that your user is looking for a specific item, the away jerseys of Leeds United FC. If a search bar is present, he will just type in the keywords and voila, he is in the subpage containing the image and other important details of the item. He can then focus on making a purchase instead.
  • You run a blog which reaches thousands of hits a day. In order to make your users easily browse your archives, simply put in a search box with an advanced filter option. This will then allow them to check your archived entries.
  • Sometimes, you navigation bar (or menu bar) isn't the navigational system; it's the search bar. 
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